July 31, 2017


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www.coe1.annauniv.edu student login 2017 will update and view students information’s are all here. The student login will help to students who have checking our information’s. Which updates are available from coe1.annauniv.edu portal?

  •  Internal marks 
  •  results
  •  Time table
  •  Revaluation results 
  •  exam postponed


First we will see Anna university internal marks.

Anna university internal marks 2017:

Anna university has been publishing internal marks in every month. Mostly they are publishing internal marks in February, March, April, September, October and December month. These months are to be publishing internal marks from official Controller of examinations. And students were having searching internal marks for Coe1.annauniv.edu internal marks and coe2.annauniv.edu internal marks in every day.

Anna university Results:

Anna university results are one of most important to student’s career. Because of some student is going to try next type. Mostly Anna univ results will publish February and July month.

Anna university Time table:

Candidates are eagerly waiting for time table in every time. Because some students are try to scheduling time table in our manner. This is also update for March and July month.

Anna university Revaluation Results 

The anna university revaluation results 2017 for Nov/Dec 2017 and April/May 2018 published by coe. Also the coe1.annauniv.edu and coe2.annauniv.edu published our result officially. Sometimes the revaluation result could’t open on coe1 portal and coe2 portal. Because the anna university web portal get down time during publishing our result.

Anna university exam postponed 2017-2018

Sometimes the anna university exams postponed on some reasonable problems. Last time the anna university postponed in our exam for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Also Before postponed our exams while the fluid on total Chennai city. So keep watch our 3hours.in updates during the anna university examination.

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In fact the anna university exams conducted at AM and PM.  Then the anna univ results published at night time. Still waiting for our examination results during the semester holidays.  Even so the revaluation results. Otherwise the student login results published at same time. Then the internal marks published before the exam.

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