July 31, 2017

GE6152 Engineering Graphics important notes (E.G)

By | July 31, 2017

ge6152 engineering graphics important notes

ge6152 engineering graphics important notes – In attractive and very easy subject is engineering graphics. Who is want to be a ‘S’ grade on a ge6152 engineering graphics to refer this study materials. Also you have practice in sincerely. Because the engineering graphics subject is one of the problematic subject. You have follow some easy steps to got a S grade on EG.


  • Read your question paper carefully
  • Now keep first on know one.
  • After attend all the questions. Because most of the time the grace marks provide for the engineering graphics.
  • Enter the clear and correct question number.
  • submit your answer sheet before end of the time. Download EG 2 marks¬†

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ge6152 engineering graphics important notes

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