| Home page portals are now opening freely. Recently these servers has been configuring by portal. So all students should be go and check your results at today. And it contains student report and assessment details are implemented.

Here we have updating Anna university reports on daily. If students need Anna univ updates 2017 click here to view page on Anna university news page. First we will see 2017 updates for given paragraphs. 2017 portal is mostly students know Anna university official site. In previous year ago, the Anna univ should be implementing only and sites are only. Then these two sites are over loading on result time, Finally SDPDR site was removed from official Anna university EDU. 

Updates for 2017 home results 2017 results 2017 2017 home student login – In academic year 2011, they was configuring on result purpose. But still is doesn’t working for this time. So Anna univ will plan to publishing results on two portals like an and portal.

Updates for 2017 results 2017 internal marks 2017 2017 student login portal is always open for all time. Mostly students are using aucoe server at every time. 

Question : What are the official sites for Anna university?

Answer   :,, and

Question : When Anna university will publish odd & even sem results?

Answer   : Generally odd sem result is publishing February month. And even sem results are declaring July month

Question : How many cycle tests are conducting by colleges?

Answer   : They are conducting three cycle test in every semester

Question : When will publish Anna university internal marks

Answer   : If odd sem, the Anna univ internal marks is updating Feb, April and May. If even sem Aug, Sep and October.

Question : site is forbidden. I didn’t find my results. 

Answer   : The students are writing URL on In addition students can try results on web portal.