August 1, 2017


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Bigg boss tamil vote online : The Bigg boss Tamil is reality show based on Hindi bigg boss. And then it was hosting and presented by Mr. Kamal Hassan. In addition the bigg boss was launching on June 25th, 2017.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2017 Vijay TV

The Vijay TV were launching Bigg boss Tamil program in June 25th 2017. And they are 15 contestants are in siding Bigg boss house. And then three houses are there in Bigg boss. What are Living room, Bed room and Garden room preferred? And lot of rules is there. First the team members were having nominating in two to three members. The viewers can vote for them. Finally which contestants are selecting then go to home others go away.

UPDATE 13-AUG-2017 (Week 8) ( Sakthi Elimination)
Yesterday 13-Aug-2017 sakthi should be eliminated. The other housemates are nominating for this week. The nominations are announcing on today. And one more news for viewers, this week one member will get inside bigg boss house. All peoples can say Oviya or Bharani. If visitors would think Oviya or Bharani please vote for Comment box.
UPDATE 07-AUG-2017: (Week 7 Nomination)
  1. Sakthi 
  2. Aarav
  3. Gayathri
  4. Sinegan
  5. Bindhu
  6. Ganesh


UPDATE 11-AUG-2017:

The Vaiyapuri and Raiza has been safe zone for this week. Because of Raiza has been appointing for a new Captain at bigg boss house in this week. Then Bigg boss was told from bigg boss contestants, sinegan and vaiyapuri who are selecting nominations and eviction process. Finally all housemates are selecting vaiyapuri as ‘Safe’ and sinegan as ‘Eviction’. We will see this week that are going too evicted.


The heavy competitions were going on bigg boss house. The visitors can vote for Raiza and Gayathri in given voting poll. (This week new captain as Bindhu Madhavi).

Put your Vote


Survey Maker

The visitors may have vote for these phone numbers.

  1. Ganesh   – 7210122304
  2. Sinegan  – 7210122313
  3. Gayathri7210122306
  4. Bindhu    –7210122315 and
  5. Aarav      –7210122301

The previous week two members are evicting by bigg boss. One is Oviya and another one is Juliana. The oviya will evict for depressions reason. Then Julia was eliminating for Peoples. And now this week a new captain announced i.e. Raiza. So this week peoples who are voting without Raiza. The Above seven members are confirming nominated without nominator. Check tnpsc group 4 general knowledge questions and answers in Tamil. The visitors are also voting via comment box.

Bigg boss Tamil contestants 2017: ( Update 11-Aug-2017 till date)

  1. Oviya                    – Left out ( for depression) ( More than 3 crore votes)
  2. Aarav                    – In house
  3. Sakthi                    – Eliminate
  4. Sinegan                 – In house
  5. Vaiyapuri              – In house
  6. Gayathri                – In house
  7. Aarthi                    – Eliminate
  8. Namitha                – Eliminate
  9. Ganja Karuppu     – Eliminate
  10. Juliana                  – Eliminate
  11. Anuya                   – Eliminate
  12. Raiza                     – In house
  13. Sree                       – Left out ( for health)
  14. Bharani                 – Left out ( Rules break)
  15. Ganesh                  – In house 

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